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10 must-read articles selected by Cosmetoscope’s Editor, for the week of the 5th Jan.

Regulation & Safety

Cosmetics containing aluminium are safe for use, say European experts

The SCCS, official EU group of experts for cosmetic safety, issued a positive option on Aluminum salts used in antiperspirants, toothpasts and lipsticks. This is an additional step in “saving” these ingredients for use in cosmetic products… but not sure that it will change the perception of consumers.

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Animal-Tested Cosmetics Banned

While animal testing is broadly banned in EU, it is not yet the case in US, but the situation is evolving : California, Illinois and Nevada lead the country in banning animal testing for cosmetics.

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New Launches

P&G Updates Opte Skin Device

CES is coming soon, and with CES new innovations in beauty. P&G will showcase improvements made to its Opté device, an very smart use of digital technology for beauty.

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Regenerative beauty: Aussie skin care brand sees luxury potential in horse placenta

What a strange idea to launch an animal extract as a star ingredient… While veganism is a huge trend in beauty care for 2019 (see below), using horse placenta-derived active is quite unusual.

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RIFM Launches New Brand

RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Material) is taking a strong step toward more transparency. While available for free for years, the trustful studies of RIFM were still difficult to understand for non-experts. RIFM has decided to make its papers and evaluations more accessible and reader-friendly.

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CBD / Cannabidiol

A year in CBD beauty: Brand innovation, trend watching and latest science

Useful summary on CBD trend on 2019.

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Today, 94% of Gen Z and 87% of millennials expect sustaina­bility to be a core value of a company

According to this study, young generation (Gen Z and Millenials) expect a change on how brands approach sustainability related topics. It should not be anymore only a brand benefit, but should be embedded into the core values of the companies.

from GCI Magazine

Veganism was one of the hottest beauty trends in 2019

Another huge trend of 2019 was Veganism in beauty. Veganism answers need of socially-conscious consumers looking for better cosmetic products. While “Vegan” certification appeals to them, it is still an open territory, with various understandings depending on companies. Should it be “cruelty free” too, or only “free of animal derived ingredients” ? Should there be an international standard to clarify the topic, like ISO 16128 clarified the “natural” cosmetic ? The answer may come in 2020.

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Digital Era

Schwan Cosmetics partners with Revieve to provide beauty brands with integrated digital solutions

Even small brands can access the best AI / AR / Digital support in selling through internet that big companies promote : Revieve is a company offering such services to any beauty company. Schwan, a big TPM in make-up, is partnering with them to offer a full package to their customers.

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How The Estée Lauder Companies stays ahead in the digital era: CNBC report

A few advices and learnings from Estee Lauder Companies on how to be successful in the digital era. The key word is : “agility”.

from Fragrances – The Moodie Davitt Report


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