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This week’s Editor’s picks, in Digital Era, Sustainability & Consumer trends.

Digital Era

Blockchain beauty: ‘For the moment, it remains relatively niche’, says GlobalData

While “blockchain” remains a magic word to attrack investors in stock markets, Beauty industry has not cracked yet the concept to make it a go-to technology. Still at the experimental level, it could be a tool useful in different areas of beauty industry : supporting traceability, personalization, and fighting against counterfeits.

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Beauty Tech : The main innovations of the 2020 CES

This article is a good summary of the innovations in Beauty, presented at the 2020 edition of the CES :

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Le recyclage des plastiques progresse

Minds, consumers and industry are changing… the recycling of plastic is progressing in Europe and France.

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Colgate launches vegan toothpaste in 100% recyclable plastic tubes

Another example of big step taken by big players : Colgate-Palmolive is launching a vegan toothpaste line-up, with recyclable plastic tubes. The big move here is that the technology is said to be shared with competitors to drive a big sustainable change.

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RB Relaunches Ingredient Disclosure Site

Reckitt Benckiser has updated its US transparency website, created in 2009, with more information on the composition of its products. The database now disclose for each RB product technical details, and more data on fragrances. The database highlights ingredients that are part of “Designated Lists”, ie lists of ingredients of concern, with the details on the health concerns. For example, the D-Limonene ingredients is highlighted as part of the IARC Carcinogens and EU Fragrance Allergens. These datas are freely available. But does this impact the choices of consumers ? When will EU get the same level of transparency ?

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L’Occitane is testing in-store refillable shower gels

L’Occitane will offer in several stores the possibility to refill bottles with shower gels. Many similar initiatives like this one are emerging. Are we in a change of paradigm regarding packaging ?

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More Beauty Brands Get Leaping-Bunny-Certified

Non tested on animal is a claim that resonates to consumer. One of the certifications available on the market, the Leaping Bunny, gets more momentum with new brands certified.

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Consumer trends

L’Oréal Targets the 50+ Crowd

One hear very often that Millenials & Gen Z are the consumer to target. But the ageing / mature consumers are not forgotten… The Baby Boomers, now in their 60+, are a interesting source of consumer, as L’Oreal concluded with their recent launch of make up product for 50+ women.

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Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2020

Euromonitor is just releasing its conclusions on the trends shaping consumer behaviors in 2020 :

1. Beyond Human: Embracing artificial intelligence for automation and convenience.
2. Catch Me in Seconds: Seeking quick, concise and multisensory content for instant gratification.
3. Frictionless Mobility: Choosing transportation methods based on individual preferences for a seamless travel journey.
4. Inclusive for All: Focusing on diversity and accessibility for everyone.
5. Minding Myself: Prioritizing mental health and searching for products positioned to address specific well-being needs.
6. Multifunctional Homes: Doing everything from the comfort of home.
7. Private Personalization: Balancing the desire for optimized experiences with concerns about sharing personal data.
8. Proudly Local, Going Global: Valuing home culture and products tailored to local tastes and preferences.
9. Reuse Revolutionaries: Finding alternatives to single-use products to reduce environmental footprint and waste.

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