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Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day system with pure vitamin C

Clinique is launching in April 2017 a new “system” with pure vitamin C : Fresh Pressed.

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Acetyl Glucosamine has been patented by Estée Lauder in 1999 as an exfoliating agent.

Sold by MMP under the tradename Skin’ential HA, it is claimed to be the natural primary constituent of hyaluronic acid in the skin, essential for skin moisture and skin barrier. This cosmetic grade glucosamine derivative would also have anti-tyrosinase activity.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask-In-Oil

Another addition in February 2017 to the iconic Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair range : a Recovery Mask-In-Oil, in the current trend coming from Asia of night masks.

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Estée Lauder’s new Lab Series Maxellence range

Estée Lauder’s Lab Series brand, dedicated to men, is launching in January 2017 a new very premium range of 2 products : Maxellence Dual Concentrate serum and The Singular Cream.
Lab Series Maxellence

NEW YORK —Lab Series is betting on Pietro Boselli’s 1.7 million Instagram followers to help generate buzz — and hopefully sales.

Lab Series named electrical engineering Ph.D.-turned-model and social media star as its new brand ambassador and global face of its Maxellence collection. The line, which bowed early this month, includes a Dual Concentrate serum, $225, and The Singular Cream, $160.

One of the smaller brands in the Estée Lauder stable — with sales said to be less than $100 million — Lab Series spent the past year working with influencers in varying capacities as a mean’s to attract a younger audience and tap into a male consumer more apt to spend on prestige skin care than ever.

“We know that Millennial men are very different than Baby Boomers, and we have information that shows the younger generation is a lot more open to using skin care than the older generation. Just from a demographic shift, we think this category has enormous potential for growth,” Valdes said.

Part of Lab Series’ high-end Max LS line, Maxellence contains the two most premium products the brand has brought to market in its 30 years. The Dual Concentrate serum (it has a dual chamber delivery system that dispenses a white and black formula) and a Singular Cream, both were formulated with space technology and ingredients derived from a meteorite, the Achondrite asteroid. The other key ingredient is Micro-Grav Ferment, a yeast extract perfected in a bioreactor, that was originally intended for use in space.

The serum and cream are twice as expensive as moisturizer from the existing Max LS collection, and if you compare it to Pro LS, Lab Series’ entry level group, Maxellence is about triple the price.

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Polymer specific to Estée Lauder, patented US20160030328, by Estée Lauder (ELC Management) and Shin Etsu, claimed as a water-absorbing polymer obtained from (A) a phosphate-containing (meth)acrylic monomer and/or a salt thereof, (B) a monomer having one (meth)acrylic group within the molecule and/or a salt thereof other than component (A), and (C) an organopolysiloxane having a (meth)acrylic group at both ends and related compositions.

Estée Lauder - Shin Etsu

This polymer is claimed to provide a cosmetic composition which exerts a high thickening effect in aqueous solvents, eliminates poor spreading, moist and sticky feels, and is in paste form having thixotropy and giving a dry light feel. This polymer solves the following issue : create a film on skin that blurs skin defects such as lines, wrinkles, or minor skin imperfections. In addition to provide aesthetically pleasing thickening properties, when the same polymers provide other benefits such as optically improving the appearance of the skin surface this provides a further advantage.

Also patented by Estée Lauder (US9387161) as used to make compositions for reducing pore size, and moisturizing and/or blurring appearance of defects on keratin surfaces